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Connecting the World

ARIJ’s 13th Annual Regional Forum, #ARIJ20
December 4-6
- ARIJ’s 1st Virtual Forum -

ARIJ’s Annual Forum #ARIJ20

There is no better way to connect with the best investigative reporters in the MENA region than by supporting the ARIJ Annual Forum — the only event in the region that draws over 1000 investigative reporters, editors and media trainers. The ARIJ Forum will give you the opportunity to network with TV broadcasters, publishers, technology companies, and universities from all over the globe. And this year, for the first time, the ARIJ Forum will be virtual.


The ARIJ Forum is the only regional gathering for investigative journalists and editors in the MENA region. Attendees trade tips and skills with award-winning media trainers and have the rare chance to share knowledge with leaders of the global investigative journalism movement. The 2020 Forum is held under the theme: “Connecting the World.”

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Why Support ARIJ20?
Support Investigative Journalism

Investigative reporters, often at great risk and for little pay, examine the issues of most concern to citizens, whether they know it or not. Matters of corruption, incompetence and injustice uncovered by ARIJ’s award-winning reporters have led to reforms and to real improvement in people’s lives.

Support Independent Media

By supporting independent media you assist citizens in making fact-­based decisions and you help promote transparency, rule of law, and accountability. Media around the world are grappling with declining revenue at the same time they are struggling to master advancing technologies in news distribution. Your company can help Arab journalists by supporting training that enhances Entrepreneurial Investigative Journalists (EIJ).

Increase Brand Awareness

Arab media professionals, including key decision makers, editors, journalists, influencers and companies will see and learn about your company brand. It. Your brand will be exposed in publicity leading up the Forum and be features in coverage of the event itself.

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Connect with the best journalists in the Arab world

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quote quote Improving news literacy is a global priority for journalism in the digital age, to build programs with the goal of developing a more sustainable future for community-based news. The ARIJ Annual Forum is a valued partner to Facebook as part of our commitment to quality news in this exciting, vibrant part of the world. Over the past three years we have collaborated with participating news organisations to equip journalists with the skills to leverage the potential of the Facebook platform, while also learning to identify what sources of information to trust, share and act on.
Director of Media Partnerships Middle East, Africa & Turkey, Facebook
Fares Akkad
quote quote ARIJ Forum is a one-stop-shop for investigative journalists and media organizations; it's an excellent opportunity to learn, network, and have a pleasant time. I consider the ARIJ Forum a unique spot where the Arab journalists and the internationals can connect
Regional Editor, Global Investigative Journalism Network
Majdolin Hasan
quote quote This forum is indispensable for the Arab media scene. Not only does it offer a great opportunity to exchange ideas, network, and learn about new investigative technologies, but the very fact that committed journalists can meet once a year to support and inspire each other gives us all hope at a time when censorship in the region has reached dizzying heights.
Mary Colvin Journalists Network
Dima Hamdan
quote quote ICFJ has been privileged to partner with ARIJ to promote better investigative reporting in the MENA region. We support the ARIJ Annual Forum because it is the premier gathering of journalists who are working so hard to shine a light on everything from corruption to substandard health care in the Arab World, and to help bring about solutions to these problems.
IJNet Manager, International Center for Journalists
David Maas
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ARIJ’s 13th Annual Forum #ARIJ20

ARIJ’s annual forum is the biggest gathering in the MENA region for investigative journalists and supporters of independent media. Come and join over 1000 Arab and international investigative journalists, coaches, editors and supporters from more than 30 countries, and benefit from over 30 edge-cutting panels and hands-on workshops. ARIJ20 is held under the theme: “Connecting the World”.